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What news of today ?

What news of today ?

just want to tell you the pending balance is usd2138

paid usd7812 on our bank before .

and later pay usd5674

total order is usd11348

so , 7812+5674-11348=2138 on our hand (last balance )

on march 11th , received usd771 by bank 

order wp0311 ,total is usd651.22*2=1302.44 

on march 16th , received usd1876 

order value is usd: 1753.5*2=3507

so total i have : 

2138(old balance )+771+1876=4785

total order :1302(order 311)+usd3507(order 316)=4809

total difference money : 4809-4785=usd24 (owe us )