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buy mfi charger ,win power provide it

buy mfi charger ,win power provide it

what is apple MFI certification?

A lot of people may not understand or do not know, what is MFI certified, whatrole, what is the point?

The APPLE MFI CERTIFICATION  program, Apple (Apple Inc.) Its external accessories authorized accessories manufacturers an identification license. MFI, in fact, is the APPLE  company made for IPHONE “logo abbreviation of” made for IPOD  “made for iPad. Significantly logo certified products available in the market there are black and white in the front of the package authorized Apple MFI LOGO , as shown in the following diagram:

new MFI logo from cowae

In addition, MFI plans Before the advent of the iPad does not use the old icon,old icons for iphone and ipod lines show separately Virtual Figure, former iconas black text on a white background, the latter icon is white on black. As shown below:

old MFI logo from cowae

Apple allows manufacturers authorized label printed on the product packaging, these uniform designed by Apple company logo in use have very strict rules, and most demanding certification by only 2%, in order to maintain the product life cycle to ensure brand image, Apple requires to ensure its quality and taste consistent with their authorized accessories. More credible to the licensed products through multiple tests before certification license anyway have on product design, product quality, product compatibility MFI Apple Certified accessories than any other certified accessories can provide consumers with quality assurance protection. Be able to apply for and successfully obtained the MFI authorization also become a sign of Apple accessories manufacturers and design companies in the technology and quality strength.

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